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Re: How excited are you about the new Ninja Turtles movie?

Christopher wrote: View Post
Uhhh... what? Where are you getting "robots or mech suits" from?
As I said in my post - though my wording may have been unclear - those were "wild guesses" as to what the movie might feature. I got 'em from my... well, this is a family-friendly board, so...

Christopher wrote: View Post
The Turtles in their various incarnations generally.... As a rule, the Shredder...
"Generally"? "As a rule"? Sir Bay-atron cares not for such things! He is as a god, and will throw in whatever the heck he likes - and he likes military stuff, explosions, fighting robots, and caressing Megan Fox with his... uh... cinematographic composition technique.

Christopher wrote: View Post
There's no requirement for a TMNT story to be on a massive scale, though they often are.
"No requirement" to be massive? Sir Bay-atron may be "as a god", but the subtle mysteries of this remark elude even him...
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