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Re: The ENT and Melakon


I love ALL the Phlox stuff. Who wouldn't want to see the ablutions and grooming habits of an alien up close and personal? We never even see anyone brush their teeth in Star Trek.. DO WE? NO WE DON'T!! That's why Enterprise is showing us brave new worlds with the toenail razing and the tongue cleaning.. ALL HAIL ENTERPRISE!

I know for a fact that in the new JJTrek series we will see actual toilets.

Oh and the rest of it? Shite, utter shite. The sexual tension stuff belongs in some lameass 80's summer camp flick. Awful.

What I don't understand is A. Hugo?! WTF? And B. How could they not realize the tree/beagle BS makes Archer look like an idiot? "Oh we want to show how humans were naive when they first went to space.." Well if we dumbass 21st century folk can watch this episode and think he's a diplomatic idiot something is seriously wrong.

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