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Re: Vengeance Weapons (Spoilers, maybe)

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The ball turrents on the saucer are phasers and the torpedo room scene much like the shuttlebay scene is subject to extreme amounts of doubt.
Why? Because you don't like it?
The broadside launchers were soley for the special torpedoes, Scotty bitched about the retrofits to the Enterprise. Retrofits = side launchers. This new Enterprise is not remotely as advanced as the original ship. This Enterprise has a lot of 20th century technology in it. The warp drive system on this Enterprise thus far has not been explained in any way shape or form thus allowing the ship to jump to light speed without anyone wondering how it does that. Unlike the original which had technical schematics showing how the warp drive worked.
No it didn't, it wasn't until long after the series had finished when technical manuals started to appear. Warp drive was never explained in any kind of detail in he show.

And I'd like to see the 20th century version of the glass in the brig, I must have missed that.
Also the impulse engines and RCS thrusters are completely independent from the warp drive, they do not need the warp core to be online to function which puts the falling Enterprise scene into doubt as well.
You might want to re-watch "The Naked Time", where the same thing happens.
The small torpedoes shown in the picture are small because the neck of the ship is loaded with escape pods. The Refit Enterprise had a torpedo magazine built into the neck.
This fan-made diagram carries more weight than the canon movie? LOL, okay...
I know more about the Enterprise than you do or ever will. It may be a fan blueprint but it's still very accurate. I can always find an official one, you'll probably have something to say about that too. The new ship is design with no technical blueprints to back up where the various locations are shown. Did it really take you several days to come up with this response?
Technical blueprints are non-canon. And the ones you liked to aren't even for any version of the Enterprise that appeared on-screen.

You don't need blueprints to tell you where everything on the new Enterprise is, all you need are your eyes. But hey, I'm talking to the guy who thinks the shuttlebay "doesn't count" and gigantic engineering sections would somehow fit into a hull that's only 30 meters wide...
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