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Re: The ENT and Melakon

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I missed much of ENT starting around mid-season 2, so thought it best to re-start from the beginning. I'm going to try limiting myself to 2 hours a day, but suspect I'll get up to a disk a day.
From the TOS forum, you've indicated you watched TOS first-run. Have you watched TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT first-run as well? I ask because I was a regular viewer of Star Trek series since the early '90s and regularly tuned in week after week but a block in Season 2 of Enterprise, right after "Dead Stop," just sucked out all of my motivation to watch. I missed some episodes, watched some episodes but was half-zoned out (watching them again, I noticed a lot I didn't remember, unlike other episodes). Only with "The Catwalk" & "Dawn" did I get back into it. I've heard something similar from others about that block having the same effect on long-running Star Trek fans. Just wondering when you tuned out of Enterprise and what made you tune out.
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