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Re: Original or remastered effects?

The remastered effects seem to be tastefully done. What I mean is they don't try to really deviate from that original broadcast, trying to keep in spirit of the limitations, trying to just show a better effect, not trying to make something wildly new (though we got more variation for the planets, like Mudd's spectacular planet). We don't get whole battles made up from nothing basically. When I heard about the remastering, I feared what it might do because so many remasterings go wrong. This one didn't. I can understand people who prefer the original, though TOS avoided having a horrid abomination masquerading as its 'next generation' of broadcasts (The Me TV network shows the remastered episodes on Saturdays). It will be the best of both worlds if it makes the show more palatable to a newer generation who might be turned off to a series as old fashioned in its production and style as TOS (something I find absurd, of course, I grew up with shows from the 40s/50s [well, repackaged movie serials] into the 80s/90s, all side by side, so decade of origin and whether it was color or B&W I didn't hold as a mark against it) because at least in my view, it hasn't been a travesty (even if, as some have pointed out, there are weak moments).

I'd recommend watching more episodes before getting them. Besides being on the Me network, they are also on Amazon Prime IIRC, both the original & the remastered IIRC.
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