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Re: Original or remastered effects?

That is so much a question of taste really. Personally I mostly like the new effects, especially the digital matte paintings that make the planetscapes so much more "realistic". Whatīs also great is all the spaceships you get to see in great detail (like the Botany Bay) and sometimes get to see those we havenīt seen at all (like the Antares). You can also enjoy the Enterprise itself in a way not previously possible (close-ups, etc.) which is just fun.

The plating they added to the saucer however, is something that makes me cringe every time I see it. Additionally some visual ideas I donīt like at all, like the "bomb-bay doors" for launching the satellites in "Operation: Annihilate".

Against that stands the nostalgia of the old effects, so of course you have to judge how important that is to you. If I had to make the choice, Iīd go with the remastered version, since it lets TOS shine in a way it deserves.

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