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Re: Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

Okay so you're introduced to your clone that you didn't know someone had made from your DNA.. they're not your kid you think but then you actually see them, let's say they are 5 years old. And they look like you and they talk in a way that has some uncanny resemblance to how you remember thinking about the world when you were a kid and you start to think a little more about it. What is a biological child anyway but one cell containing your DNA combining with one cell containing someone else's DNA? Why does making all the DNA yours exactly make this any less of your child? And then it hits you, it doesn't. This person is as much your child biologically as any child made from your sperm or egg.

And right then and there you feel like you love this child, this clone of your flesh, because who else is going to understand and care for them with as much empathy as yourself? Sure it's a little weird but at the end of the day this child is your own flesh and blood and there's a bond there that's growing stronger in every interaction the two of you have. And it's beautiful.

And then someone opens these huge doors and shows you your other 6000 clones.

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