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Re: why is star trek original series disliked

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I'll never understand how anyone can see TOS in Abrams' work. It's so divorced from the source material. I will never, ever get it.

It's weird, but I can't understand why you can't see it, Warped9! Beyond the "feel", the sets, the uniforms, the ships are all clearly polished and shiny versions of TOS.
Would you make the same claim about the SW prequels? That it is just a polished shiny version of the OT?

What I see with the Abrams films is a painful-on-the-eyes and schizophrenic design non-sensibility, with the plain floors of the brewery visible like you'd expect in a zero budget flick, and then the incomprehensible lighting in working environments, where you can't even look at a display without getting practicals shining right in your eyes. Very useful for easy reading in combat conditions, I'm sure.

To me GALAXY QUEST is far closer to TOS in spirit and style than Abrams (and tons better as well.)

And yeah, I'm doing what I said above doesn't need doing, posting a defense in this forum, but since your view is so specific, it really begs for a response in kind.
No need to justify or be in anyway defensive reference your response to my view, specific or not, trevanian. I don't agree, but I truly don't have any problem with it.

This is an internet forum, and it is all about opinion. I'm not necessarily referring to any poster in this thread, but IMHO, there have been occasions when highly disparaging commentary on JJ Trek has been passed for the most tenuous reasons.
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