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Original or remastered effects?

This is basically a shopping advice question.

I'm a TOS fan since its first months on NBC. I first bought a VCR specifically to tape Star Trek reruns. When Paramount was releasing the single episodes in the 80s, I bought them all. Now I'm down to only a dozen or so of those left.

Those original effects are what I'm used to. I think the only remastered episode I have is "Mirror, Mirror" on the Alternate Realities Collective. I've read positive and negative evaluations on the remastered effects. I'm sort of interested in seeing them, since I play around in my 3d software sometimes doing spaceship scenes.

I can play DVD only and cannot afford to get into Blu-Ray. A few months back I saved up and bought the entire series collection for Enterprise, and I'm thinking I want to do the same for TOS.

Should I get the remastered versions? Or being the olden days type fan that I am, should I go for the originals?
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