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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

51. The Sapphires (B)

Sort of like Dreamgirls, but with Australian Aborigines. The movie even has a parallel to Jennifer Hudson, as one of the Sapphires is played by Jessica Mauboy, who was one of the contestants on Australian Idol mid-decade (she's very good).

The movie is largely pitched as a light comedy, but it has some pretty heavy stuff mixed in, and the mix isn't always even. The seriousness isn't unwarranted, given that being an Aborigine wasn't exactly easy in the 1960s (or now, I imagine). But when you go from fairly zippy banter to one of the Sapphires grappling with reintegrating into Aboriginal culture after being snatched away by the Australian government as a child because she was light-skinned enough to 'integrate' with a white family, it's a bit jarring.

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