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Re: Is DC going to be relegated as a comicbook company?

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I actually see the day when DC moves away from film and comics completely, making films is an expensive process and when it goes wrong you have massive flops on your hands like Green Lantern. This year 2013 has seen some terrible box office flop

It's much easier for these companies to make money selling Batman baseball caps and Spider-Man mugs, merchandizing is an easier way to bring home the cash
Warner Bros. and their production partners are the making the movies and footing the bill. DC Comic ( as opposed to DC Entertainment) doesn't really have to worry about taking a hit.

Dynamite and Image and others, they seem to be some of the few left who are serious about running a comic book business.
Dynamite is using licensed properties and public domain properties for the most part. let me know when they create something original. A lot Image's best books are creator owned. I'm willing to bet they'd jump at a movie or TV deal.

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DC Comics had little or nothing to do with the decision not to go ahead with Whedon's take on WW. Whedon's been in Hollywood for a while and understands how it works. I doubt he holds the DC Comics responsible for the decisions of the Warner Bros movie division.
So it was the decision of WB execs? You don't think it was a mistake for them to trash Wonder Woman projects?
I don't know,I didn't see the proposal. I'd rather a bad WW film or TV show not get made.
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