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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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It'll depend on what they call the sequel. It'll either be "Man of Steel 2" or be called "Worlds Finest".
Using numbers in sequel titles seems to have fallen out of favor lately, at least for genre films. There hasn't been a number on a Star Trek sequel in the past 22 years. No Batman film sequel has ever had a number in its title. The only Marvel sequels to use numbers are the Iron Man and Spider-Man sequels, Blade II, and X2. So I think it's more likely to be either Man of Steel: Subtitle Goes Here or The Man of Steel Does Something. (How about The Man of Steel Goes Bats? Huh? Huh? ... I'll just be over here...)

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The Bond series has proven to be more the exception than the rule.
But what is the rule? Here's a list of the longest-running film franchises. I don't really see a consistent rule there; some have had long gaps prior to being rebooted or continued, while others have just kept going at fairly regular intervals, while others haven't had reboots at all.
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