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TOS movie era novels?

I was looking through the FAQ and one thing I noticed missing through all of that is a mention of which novels are set in the TOS movie era between The Motion Picture and The Undiscovered Country. As Star Trek II, III, IV, and V are almost back-to-back except for a few months on Vulcan between III and IV and however long it took Enterprise-A to limp back to Spacedock after Kirk wanted to 'see what she's got' at the end of IV, the two areas are really between The Motion Picture and The Wrath of Khan and between The Final Frontier and The Undiscovered Country. Unless you count any time between the end of the WhaleSong Incident and when the crew is assigned to the Enterprise-A.

I know Spock's World is one because it talks about Kirk being voluntarily demoted from Admiral. Probe would be another for obvious reasons. Star Trek New Earth is another as they talk about the new maroon uniforms in the first couple of pages.

Is there a timeline for novels I could look this up on?

Are there any novels you would place in that time frame even if the picture on the cover is with characters and ships from the TV show?

Also, does anyone have a Top Ten list of their favorite TOS movie era novels?
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