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Re: shared universe, crossovers and easter eggs

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Off hand, I can't remember a Trek episode that could explain away in-universe references to "beam me up" or "Vulcan neck grips" in the modern day of the Trekverse. Was there any mention of a "Trek-like" TV show in Greg Cox's Eugenics Wars series?
There's a Trek-as-TV reference in The Rings of Time, when Zoe speculates about "sexy green girls."

Personally, I like to think that Titan: Synthesis is a covert Transformers crossover. The Sentries believe that FirstGen Zero-One was destroyed in slipspace, but what if it simply decanted into another universe?

It would immediately cast about for signs of the Null, and, finding none, would produce a batch of SecondGen, programmed to keep vigilant watch for the destroyer --the physical incarnation of Chaos. It would then go dormant to conserve power.

Aeons later, this initial programming has drifted into legend and myth, and ultimately the SecondGen turn on themselves in a civil war. . .
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