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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Hey guys, guess what? I'm caught up on reading SV!!

Shocking, I know, right? Anyway, starting off with Ish 55, Tess is a true hero (in addition to being one tough, sexy, digital bitch) and she fully deserves to have Emil clone her hot bod and transfer her mind back into it. I tell ya boys, this has GOT to be where Q ultimately takes this; I will be royally pissed if we get to the end of the season, Tess is still stuck playing the role of a voluptuous HAL.

Putting that thought aside for the moment, onward to 56. Like the rest of you, I've been greatly looking forward to seeing Diana/WW in this book, ever since our beloved Chloe made reference to her in Season 10. And I was not disappointed by her appearance, brief as it was. And I love the fact that she's been drawn to be, shall we say, anatomically correct.

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It i
Martha Kent in the back of a limo with some weirdo named "Bones". He's the head of the D.E.O. NOT the CMO of the Starship Enterprise in case you were wondering. :P
No shit, this guy certainly bears no resemblance to De Kelly's beloved doctor, that's for certain. This Department of Extranormal Operations is like a shadowy, illicit version of my own DPI (Department of Paranormal Investigations) which I developed for my three-series, shared universe. I get the impression their the SV Uni's version of S.H.I.E.L.D., with less honorable intentions. Very interested to see where this all goes.

We get a neat panel of Diana in white cat suit and Remy Zero ears their royalty.

And let's not forget that I pointed out the same thing in the 'Argo' storyline with Booster!

This really is good stuff. It's a cryin' shame that the TV show was never this good.

I'm in for the full ride, folks! Very eager for this coming Friday.

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