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Re: BOSS :(tv series on starz) official disscussions

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The main criticism I had of the second season was that it got a bit too lurid for my taste and it sort of came off as being thrown in there just because the show was on Starz, as if that was a requirement.
Come for the T&A, stay for the political intrigue?

I can sort of see what you mean. I realize that the writers were trying to show Ian was the ultimate man-whore (sleeping with politicians of both sexes and even his own half-sister) when he thought it would benefit his career. But between him, the DA who likes to watch and Zajac it started to seem a bit like a Skinemax movie.

But the acting and most of the stories I thought remained pretty strong.
Agreed. The only story that I could have done without was Kane's daughter. The whole "junkie as a wild card" thing has been done to death and there wasn't much new or interesting in it. It also didn't help that the actress had trouble not slipping back into her native British accent.

I don't think it ended on an anti-climatic note (even though I wish there had been a bit more resolution between Kane and his wife) because they were writing it with the expectation that they were getting a third season. So it was the cliff hanger aspect that left a lot of stuff dangling.
It left stuff dangling but at least it wasn't a cliffhanger, ala Twin Peaks or ALF. Basically, the Mayor is still there, he's cutting dirty deals and someday he's going to die. Just like a real politician.

I was kind of glad to see Miller disgraced. The character always annoyed me even though he was supposed to be the "good guy." OTOH, Kitty and a few others pointed out that he was, in his own way, as self righteous and power mad as Kane. I liked that.

Though at least one story arc seemed to get resolved satisfactorily: Sanaa Lathan's.
I couldn't remember why her name seemed familiar so I looked her up on IMDB. Dang! She's Donna Tubbs? Props to her from doing that voice so different than the one she uses on Boss.
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