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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

Just my weigh in... The creators clearly made the point to ensure the scaling was supersized. And while I don't personally like the ship, I don't have any issue with it because it's a new timeline/universe... So in a way, there's nothing more to compare it to than comparing new Kirk's blue eyes to original Kirk's brown eyes. It's just a new universe for the creators to play around in.

And we do it all the time when we design a new ship or create a new story for the original or new characters.

I can pick apart any movie, but if it's enjoyable, I can overlook the what I would consider to be BS IF the movie was bad.

And we all don't have to agree with each other to discuss what we care about. The ship is as much a character now as it was since I was a kid. This one to me just happens to be fat and ugly, but meh, I liked the movies and wasn't going to let that fugly bastard ruin it for me.
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