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Re: A question regarding "Patterns of Force"

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Being German living in Germany all my life I never had a serious problem with the line. I know that for some Germans the mere mention of anything Nazi-related in a not so serious tone can be considered too much, and I certainly understand that sensitivity, but personally, I don't feel there should be anything which can't be joked about. Spock's line to Kirk is meant in a light-hearted way, and I never saw it as anything other than that.
Well said, I basically see it the same way. Like I said it just never occured to me, Spock´s line was supposed to be a comic relief.
I know you find the humor to be jarring in such a serious episode, but that may have been intentional. The creators may have felt such a serious subject that was still fresh in the memories of the viewing audience needed to have the comedic moments (Spock's line, McCoy's uniform issues, Kirk's comment about being "utterly destroyed" by the missiles, the hitting the broad side of a barn scene, etc...) were necessary to balance the darker elements of the story.
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