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Re: Alexander Siddig Interview: He reveals anger over changes to Bashi

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You know, I sometimes wonder if Siddig would have used a more middle eastern name during DS9 as his stage name if by association, it might have tempered on some level people's outlook on the middle east.
So if he'd called himself "Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim", everyone would love Arabs? That seems wishful thinking, to say the least!

I find myself thinking he had a chance to make a socio-economical statement with his role; though I won't be surprised if someone told me part of the deal was for him to take an American sounding name as his stage name.
The whole point of changing his name was to reduce typecasting, so I doubt making a "socio-economical statement" was at the front of his mind.

They never did play on his heritage in any way, but then Star Trek has almost always been more subtle than that. Nichelle Nichols being African-American was never explicitly commented upon in Star Trek; indeed that was the whole point. She was just there, and no one felt the need to comment on it, or question that, which was a marked contrast to much of US society in the mid-sixties.

It's the same with LeVar Burton in TNG, Garrett Wang in Voyager.. no one questions or makes a "statement" that there are these black guys and Asians running around Starships. The are two exceptions to that, as far as I can tell, both involving Sisko. 'Far Beyond the Stars' most obviously, and 'Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang', when he talks about "our people" with Kasidy.
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