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Re: Are there any other ships with a letter?

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Starfleet commissioned a USS Saratoga-A in Michael Jan Friedman's Saratoga novel.
This is curious...

We have the Saratoga NCC 1887 which we saw in Trek 4, disabled by the whale probe.

Then we saw Sisko's Saratoga get blowed up by the Borg in Emissary. I always figured that it was meant to be the same ship from Trek 4, but the registry number is different (NCC-31911).

And then we have the ship apparently built to replace Sisko's one, which docked at DS9 in "Wrongs Darker than Death or Night."

Assuming that these were the only ships to bear the name Saratoga, I would have thought Sisko's one would have been the Saratoga A.
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