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Re: ship design help.

It sounds like you have thought of ideas just for them sounding cool. For what purpose would the Vulcans design a ship? Perhaps the Vulcans have an ulterior motive for creating the ship. That could add an intriguing mystery. Perhaps they have technology they don't want all of Starfleet knowing about and sneaked it onboard late in the building process.

I don't see why an exploration ship would need a court of delegates onboard. If a captain and crew can't be diplomatic during first contact and conflicts they have no place being in a Starfleet uniform in the firstplace. The only reason I could see it plausible in a storytelling format is if the ship was stranded in a Voyager-esque way with a party of delegates onboard. It would make good conflict and dramatic stories, something we were teased with the Maquis onboard voyager before the writers had a stroke.

I think before you look at the ship design you need to work out who the main 6-10 characters are. They need to be diverse and represent all parts of the ship. If its purely an exploration ship it needs to have a unique angle. We have had planet of the week exploration with TOS and TNG. Enterprise did this also- but it's angle was prequel- and done poorly in a lot of cases IMO. We had a space station show and a long war show. We had the ship lost show. There has to be something to make the story pop out and not seem like a clone of TNG. I think once you know who the crew are and where the story will go you can then get an idea of the ship.

As others have said already- making the ship the biggest, best and sleekest isn't very interesting. The ship is also a character in Trek series. And the ships are never invincible and have weaknesses. Often the crew overcome these with technology or cunning. Or maybe the ship really is the most amazing super ship ever made but someone has sabotaged the ship for some purpose leaving it vulnerable to a big story.

Good luck with the ship and story.
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