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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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Do you mean JON Hamm?
SHIT! I more than anyone should know that! I was wondering if I spelled it wrong but after I did all that cut and pasting I did not want to edit it.

Should I do another post like that with the right spelling???

No I won't.
These things happen Dohn.

As for casting Bats, I think they'll want a contemporary of Cavill's. Jon Hamm would look like his uncle onscreen. It's possible that they'll look at the people who were runners up to Bale last time round (e.g. Jake Gylenhall) but even that was a decade ago and they might be casting 20-somethings.

Before Lone Ranger flopped, I would have said Armie Hammer might be a favourite but now I'm not so sure. Also, Cavill and Hammer are to co-headline Man from UNCLE, another WB movie, IIRC, and I think WB might be reluctant to have to relatively unproven (in their own right) actors topline not one but 2 franchises. I've a feeling that they might want a slightly bigger or at least more experienced name to play Batman but ultimately I think the characters, not actors, will be the draw here.
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