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Re: Steam Sale (expected to) Starts Today

I'm only at like 6 years... and... well:

My Steam Profile (from SteamDB)
  • Worth: $3615.48
  • Games owned: 311
  • Games not played: 201
  • Percentage: 65%
  • Hours spent: 1,577.4h
I'm kind of a sucker. There's the people with no patience that buy stuff as soon as it hits, but actually play it and get value out of it. There's the people with patience that pretty much only buy what they are going to actually pay, and they make out like bandits on Steam. Someone like me ends up spending about what they'd pay if they just bought the games they really wanted to play right as they release, but has to wait, and ends up with a bunch of unplayed games. If I'm being honest here instead of talking about how I am going to get to my backlog I should really just show more restraint on these sales.

My list is starting to grow as well. Buying lots of games for the second time there when they have sales. But when you think about it, it's probably worth it to spend 3 bucks for someone to have an installer and DOSBox settings than to bother doing it yourself.

Anyway, did finally craft a badge. 100XP and... that's pretty much it? I don't know I read the FAQ page for the trading cards and I sort of understand it better. A little. Seems like quite a grind to get to level 50, but then you'll get a much better drop rate for the good stuff? Last I checked the cards for the Summer Sale are really cheap, but uhh, they're about to stop dropping for all time so... spend life savings to buy all cards right now... sell down the road once rest of supply dries up... become first Steam marketplace millionaire?

Picked up Rogue Legacy from their site as well. Too new to get any Steam Sale love, but the developer's site has it for 3 bucks off (for the next 21 hours or so) and well... It just looks too damned awesome so I had to do it. Figured I'd mention it in case anyone had been hoping for a Steam discount during the sale.
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