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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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I'm going with the 366 meter length until absolute concrete evidence is presented otherwise and no the Blu-Ray picture will not suffice it was just an inflated image of the ship. Random quotes from various ILM staffers won't work either. A technical manual designed by the people who finalized the ship's design will do nicely but we know the likelihood of that coming to fruition. Their own movie contradicts what they say anyway.
This New Enterprise size infographic is concrete evidence.

The bridge and lobby ALONE prove 725m is the only size the ship can ever possibly be.

EDITED TO ADD: Even the Haynes Enterprise manual states that the alternate reality Enterprise is significantly larger than the version Kirk Prime commanded.
That's a location infographic, that does not prove the size. If you actually want to prove the size using something other than a bunch of pictures then go for it but then you would be proven wrong. Is that what you guys do, hang out on the trek forum trying to convince others that you are right and they are wrong? You've failed.
No, you failed by actually NOT believing something that the designers of the friggin ship have actually stated to be true, i.e. the size of the ship. There's a word for that: denial.
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