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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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Here's an image showing both Bruce and Batman at once:
Looks likey have different heads entirely. Artistic license indeed.
Well, they're not being shown at exactly the same angle, and they're in different lighting. I can see how Batman's chin is "faceted" in such a way that if his head were turned more to the side, the chin would look as sharp as it does in the Bruce image. And the mouth and cheekbones look the same; Batman's maybe a bit frownier, but that's to be expected. Really, the only thing I see that's tough to reconcile is the eye placement.

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It's interesting that they shied away from "guns" yet Gordon's in this episode looked pretty much like a Browning 1911 automatic. It was a little yellow, but in this stylized setting, that could be anything. Even when he fired it I got more of a firearm impression than a "politically correct" "laser".
Well, the network's concern about realistic guns was in response to that school shooting while the show was in development. Maybe it affected the pilot, but by the time episode 2 was made, concerns had eased enough that they were able to get away with more realistic guns (and I agree, this not only looked more like a regular gun, but had a "bang" sound effect rather than something more fanciful). We'll see how it plays out from here on.
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