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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

Well, the article makes some good points, but as a start, how about the premise of the movie :

Even if we (as we must in any giant creature movie, ignore that the monsters are simply too large to support their own mass, let alone move), in what sane universe is designing and building an enormous robosuit with built in weapons a better idea than spending the money on huge numbers of conventional/battlefield nukes/whatever was mounted on the Jaegers that can be positioned all around the coast ?

Why go to all the R & D costs and TIME required to design loads of different Jaegers ? Even aircraft carriers have standardised designs and production runs.

What materials could even take the drop from the air that the Jaegers do when deployed ?

How come the computer controlled Gipsy Danger is 'analogue' ?

If Gipsy Danger is the only nuclear powered Jaeger, what powers the others ?

There's no logic to it, even internal to the film.

As I have said, it is stupid, but it IS good fun...
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