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So glad Jeremy is gone, and that Judd is HOH. Judd has by far become my favorite houseguest. He is a fan of the show, a genuinely caring and nice person, very funny, and does think strategically about game, thought it isn't always blatantly obvious because he keeps those thoughts mostly to himself, and doesn't have a showmance to share them with (though he and Jessie have been getting closer). I hope they'll start showing better diary room sessions of his now that he is HOH.

I like McCrae and Amanda, but Amanda is starting to play too hard. I think the paranoia is getting to her. She is starting to rub some people the wrong way. Helen was incredibly annoying as HOH, but now that that's over she seems to have gone back to normal. I like Jessie and Candice, but they are pretty quiet and out of the picture at the moment.

Spencer and Howard...well, Howard is fine, but I can't stand Spencer. He is one creepy dude. Some of the sexual comments he makes give me a weird feeling. And I think it was Candice who once said that every time she talks to him, she feels that he's not being genuine. And not just about game, I think that's the way he is in real life too. He just seems like he's hiding something or trying to manipulate you into something, even if he's not. Who knows how far Spencer and Howard will go, they are off in their little bromance for now so I often forget about them.

Yesterday the 3rd nominee was revealed and POV was played....

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