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Re: Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

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Joe is dull. Seska is not!

I wish she had gotten stuck on board and Chakotay had dumped the Captain for her because she was carrying his child and then when the child was born it turned out to be Kazon spawn after all and then Chakotay looks like an utter jerk for jettisoning his love for the child that he had felt before he saw the child but taken back as soon as he realized the child wasn't his. Oh and the EMH was duped by all the tinkering that had already taken place in Seska, that's why he couldn't pick up Kazon DNA during the prenatal tests.
That's not a bad idea for fan fiction. Have either one of you read L. R. Bowen's classic fic "The Cardassian Mask." It was written pretty early in the series and the characters, especially Chakotay are different.

My daughter (she has a BS in Biology), made the observation that the procedure Seska took to get pregnant might not have produced a son at all, but may have produced a clone of Chakotay. That thought made me write fic lol.
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