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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

Personally I'd rather see Superman and Batman recognize their mutual good intentions but disagree over methods and values. An emotional and philosophical conflict, a clash of characters and worldviews, is a lot more exciting to me than two guys punching each other. Even aside from the obvious consideration that a fight between Superman and Batman is like a fight between Muhammad Ali and an actual butterfly. Even the fight in The Dark Knight Returns, with all the advantages and cheats Batman had on his side, was only possible because Superman had been substantially weakened beforehand and was way off his game. And yet Superman's victory was still a foregone conclusion.

I liked the way Byrne did it in The Man of Steel #3. Batman knew he didn't have a chance against Superman physically, so he used a bomb threat to keep Superman from touching him, and thus their tension was strictly on a personal and moral level rather than being your typical superhero slugfest.
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