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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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- The show continues to impress with highlights that include Bruce's detective skills, a new rogues gallery that works well with this show and Katana possibly being set up to be a sidekick. I hope she becomes Robin.
I hope she stays Katana. I don't see the appeal in turning one hero into another hero. We've seen Batman paired with one Robin or other countless times. I'm interested in seeing how a different type of character works as his partner.

- The show is written well enough that Magpie coveting Batman's utility belt came off as a little disturbing. If I were Batman, something like that might throw me because it's both unusual and feels like a bit of a violation.
Yeah, there was some definite innuendo there, with Magpie looking covetously at Batman's lower torso and crotch area.

- The way they draw Batman makes it look like he hardly has any head above his eye line, yet Bruce isn't drawn that way. Anyone else notice this or am I seeing things?
Here's an image showing both Bruce and Batman at once:

Bruce does seem to have a little more up top, but I think that's mainly because his hair adds a bit of height. Although even with that subtracted, Batman's eyes do seem to be a bit higher-mounted relative to the rest of the face than Bruce's are. But I guess that's artistic license. Maybe with the points on the cowl so high, they had to raise the eyes a bit to make it seem more balanced.

Christopher wrote: View Post
My main problem is that I feel Magpie was rather too sexualized in her design.
She also moved in a very alluring manner as she got up after landing on the car.
Well, I don't object in principle to a character presenting herself sexually if there's a character reason for it (as the book cover in my avatar should make clear). But there's a difference between a female character choosing to be sexual for her own reasons and a male designer exaggerating her sexuality in a way that panders to male gaze at the expense of credibility. It's a fine line, but I think the character's proportions and wardrobe could've stood to be a bit more subtle.

Look at Bruce Timm's Catwoman, for instance. Her first confrontation with Batman in "The Cat and the Claw" definitely played up the romantic innuendo and sex appeal, but she was in a fully concealing, practical outfit. There's plausibly sexy and there's implausibly sexy. Magpie's outfit is just not something that works for a thief/gymnast/martial artist, particularly one with an ample chest that would need reliable support when she's in action.
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