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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

- The show continues to impress with highlights that include Bruce's detective skills, a new rogues gallery that works well with this show and Katana possibly being set up to be a sidekick. I hope she becomes Robin.

- Magpie's reveal was a surprise to me too. I thought it was the doc because of the hair. Nice twist.

- The show is written well enough that Magpie coveting Batman's utility belt came off as a little disturbing. If I were Batman, something like that might throw me because it's both unusual and feels like a bit of a violation.

- The way they draw Batman makes it look like he hardly has any head above his eye line, yet Bruce isn't drawn that way. Anyone else notice this or am I seeing things?

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My main problem is that I feel Magpie was rather too sexualized in her design.
She also moved in a very alluring manner as she got up after landing on the car.

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Aside from that -- and from the continuing issue of the sparsely populated CG Gotham -- I'm really loving this show.
I like that they're making an effort to throw in the occasional moving car.
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