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Re: Kira in charge of the Defiant

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As XO, Kira could command DS9 and deal with Starfleet in Sisko's absence, so why not Defiant?
DS9 was a Bajoran station, so it fell within the jurisdiction of the Bajoran militia.

Seems like Bajor basically signed over the station to Starfleet, in exchange for their aid in rebuilding the planet's shattered infrastructure. If they wanted to tell Starfleet to go, they were well within their rights - and this happened in "The Siege". On the other hand, Starfleet can basically tell them where to go, because the Bajorans don't have the capacity to force them to go - see "A Call to Arms".

It's similar to how the US has bases in places like Okinawa and Diego Garcia. In theory the Japanese and UK governments could tell them to leave. In practise they couldn't force the US military out of their bases.
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