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Re: "Sharknado" from Syfy

I think it's just the incredibly corny premise (and title) that attracted people to this movie. It's bad in all the right ways, I'm about 25 minutes into it right now and laugh my ass off. And when did Tara Reid actually get somewhat good looking? Did she get some corrective plastic surgery; this time not done in the back of some guy's Econoline van?


Ah. I take that back. I see Tara Reid's reanimated plastic corpse is still "intact" at first I thought she was the barmaid that was hitting on Ian Zerring which, yeah, I don't know why I thought that given the batmaid was hot, not blonde, and didn't exactly look like or sound like Reid but it was the only female character up to that point, so... It's early for me, shut-up.
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