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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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Superman vs. Batman, hopefully it will be better than King Kong vs. Godzilla (not that I have actually seen that latter movie).
I've only seen the English version, which is awful. But what they left in of the Japanese version made it clear that it was rather goofy and comedy-oriented compared to the surrounding films in the series.

Captaindemotion wrote: View Post
I can't help but feel that while it is clearly successful enough to warrant a sequel, WB have decided that the best way to maximise income is to bring in the assured box-office pull of the Dark Knight. And simultaneously relaunch that hero on the big screen.

In doing so, they are neither replicating Marvel's approach with the solo movies leading up to an Avengers/JLA epic nor are they taking the gamble of one film being used to introduce and launch all of their heroes at once. This approach strikes me as very sensible and shrewd and if this film is a hit, it will springboard new Batman films and probably set up a JLA one.
You know, that's a thought. I've been wondering what approach they could take that was neither a copy of Marvel's (solo hero films followed by mass team-up) nor a simple inversion of it (mass team-up followed by solo films). Maybe what they could do is the equivalent of a team-up comic: Do several Superman films, each of which teams Superman with a different guest hero. So that Batman is introduced in the second Superman film, Wonder Woman in the third, etc., and then it eventually builds to a JL film.

I'm not saying that's what I think they are doing, but it just occurs to me as something that might be suitably distinct from the Marvel approach.
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