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Re: shared universe, crossovers and easter eggs

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Past references aren't enough to stop crossovers; there's been several Trek references on Doctor Who, but there was still consideration of trying to do a crossover episode (before Enterprise was cancelled), and IDW later released a TNG/DW crossover comic.
And there were many Trek references in X-Men and other Marvel comics before the X-Men/Trek crossovers were done. But such crossovers are out-of-continuity "imaginary stories." Although maybe in DW it could be justified, given that there is precedent for the TARDIS crossing into fictional realms (e.g. "The Mind Robber").

(And past crossovers aren't enough to stop references. The lead character of In Plain Sight cameoed on Law & Order: Criminal Intent before the show aired; but my understanding is that the writers of IPS later made reference to Law & Order as a TV show.)
Sure, such things slip through sometimes, but that doesn't make it desirable to cross over two universes that have referenced each other as fiction. I feel it undermines believability, and if a universe has referred to Trek as fiction, then for me, that rules it out as a candidate for inclusion in Trek history.

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And I'd be seriously surprised if neither CASTLE or BUFFY ever referenced Trek, as the pop-culture references fly fast and furious on those shows.
I'm watching an old episode of Castle on one of my local channels, and Beckett just made a reference to Klingons. So there's at least one in Castle.
Castle and Beckett are both big SF/comics fans, so I'm sure there have been a number of Trek references among all the other sci-fi/fantasy nods. There must've been some in the SF-convention episode they did (not sure this counts, but there was a William Shatner spoken-word song played over the final scene of that episode).
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