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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

Out Of My Vulcan Mind wrote: View Post
Yeah, and that it'll be an epic encounter. Snyder specifically said it's not actually an adaptation of that comic book. People are being too literal about this.
Well, I imagine it's going to be a while before we get something tangible about this film that could cleanse my mind of the very bad first impression made by evoking Frank Miller's wet dreams....

sojourner wrote: View Post
Just a minor correction. It's not Batman's boot on Superman's neck. It's "my hand... your throat".
OK, that's a little better.....

davejames wrote: View Post
Yeah I would have preferred seeing a standard MOS sequel as well, but I still think Superman comes across as fully-formed enough by the end of the first movie. We finally saw a confidence in him that had been lacking through much of the movie, and the smile at the end suggested he was ready to start his new life.

All that's really left is to establish his secret identity and whatever kind of relationship he has with Lois, which I'm sure this sequel will have no problem doing.
If the filmmakers are good, they could find a way to work Batman into a film that otherwise contains all the follow-up you'd expect to see in a MoS sequel. A bottom-line theme of the first film that should be continued is how the world deals with the existence of Superman. Batman getting involved could be part of the world's reacton.

My guess is they'll try to take the grounded, documentary style approach Snyder used in MOS, and stretch that across all the DC movies (much like the comic booky style that's being used for all the Marvel movies). I know not everyone was a fan, but I thought it worked great, and is probably the best way to put all these iconic characters in the same room and make it seem believable.
I just hope they learned some kind of lesson from Green Lantern and give us a decent Flash movie. Flash doesn't need to be complicated...classically, he has a very basic origin/mythos, and is an otherwise-ordinary guy who gains a great wish-fulfillment power which could come with some comical drawbacks (needing to eat boatloads of food, etc.). I'm seeing more of a Spider-Man tone here (pick your series, they're not that different).
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