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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Watched Resolutions a bit earlier than planned so the rest of you don't need to worry about Spoilers any more.

Damn that Tuvok, disobeying orders and cockblocking Chakotay. Another few days and Janeway would have gotten over her little protocol problems. I'd argue that the conversation with the 'ancient story' basically ended it, and it was left unsaid when they went back Janeway made it quite clear what happened on the planet stayed on the planet.

As for the connection to a previous episode, maybe not the one R.Star and Teacake are going for, more Deadlock. Everyone but Harry is willing to let the two of them go. They see the logical side of things, and it's Harry arguments that get them coming up with other ideas that can swing a more logical conversation with the new Captain. Harry, who just lost one crew, who really just watched everyone he's known for the last 2 years die, and is now in danger of losing the Captain who not only so heartily welcomed him two years ago, but also just a few months ago when 'his' captain died. Somehow, I think it'd be a much harder loss for him, having to face it again.
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