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Re: News about early 2014 schedule

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Oh, huh, Scott Harrison is not someone I'd've expected to pop up in the Star Trek world.
Well yay for Treklit still drawing from outside sources. I mean don't get me wrong I love the Usual Gang of Idiots that we've got writing books but it's nice to get a bit of fresh blood from time to time even if it's only for a book or two.

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Christopher wrote: View Post
^Although it's clearly in a different continuity from my Ex Machina/The Darkness Drops Again/Forgotten History post-TMP material.
Is that such a bad thing though? You yourself have said writers do not need to keep everything in the same continuity, or does that not apply to your stories?
*raising an eyebrow* I believe you are making assumptions based on no evidence. All that Christopher did was state a fact. He did not offer any opinion on that fact, either positive or negative.

Considering how concerned many Trek fans are with continuity and given that the question was likely to end up being asked I tend to suspect that he was basically seeking to answer the question in advance of it being asked knowing that it would be.
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