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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

Intervention: I loved this episode the second time around. The first time.. I was so confused. Even this time I was a little unsure. When everything started going their way early on, such as Scott and Greer (?) saved from radiation by being on the underside of the ship I thought maybe it was ALL a dream, because there was this series of ridiculously good things happening. And by the end of it the first time you watch it why shouldn't you believe that TJ's baby is somewhere safe, after all Chloe has healed bullet holes in her leg. But this time, knowing what is to come, I could see much more clearly that TJ's dream was all her wishing and desires culminating in her fear and body's knowledge the she no longer had the baby.

One big plot hole in this is no one ever shows her the baby's body, which they certainly would have saved in case she wanted to say goodbye.

The first time I watched this I fully expected TJ's baby to be alive somewhere and was totally confused when we saw the planet eventually. I had to ask wth was going on and have it explained to me It kind of drags out the sadness of TJ losing the baby.

Rush is kind of badass in this one, I enjoyed him. I have gotten over my Rush repulsion!

Also I think the injection of the new people into the crew is good at this point, especially since it's not like the viewers were in love with any of the folk we spent a whole season watching.

So I am assuming when this was written they thought they might actually find the baby again, or leave it open ended forever?

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