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Re: The Ashes 2013

About two overs' worth of deliveries aside I didn't even bother last night, to be honest. It was pretty obvious how it would pan out, and it says a great deal about our "batsmen" that someone as ordinary-looking as Root will probably clock up 200 inside the first hour tonight. As BB indicated, our bowlers had pretty much zero rest and it sounds like it showed.

Series over, basically. Unfortunate, but unsurprising. England aren't as good as some of their fans would like to believe (some of the crap in the comments sections of various newspapers has beggared belief, especially the clown who insisted this England team is the greatest side in the history of cricket ), but the class / talent gulf has been pretty evident so far. Cricket Australia's pursuit of the almighty dollar via its obsession with hit 'n' giggle rubbish (or 20/20, as everyone else calls it) has borne spectacularly rotten fruit. I don't see any way the damage done to the sport here can be undone - certainly not in the short term.

Having said that... The wheel will (hopefully) turn eventually, as it always does, but it'll be pretty painful in the meantime.
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