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Re: The ENT and Melakon

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IMO, a fair and very witty assessment. I may be the TNG mod but I'm just as big a fan of ENT and it is good to see some thoughtful attention given to the series.
I am one of the ENT mods and I enjoyed this episode. Perhaps because I saw the preview (signaling a comedy episode) and went into it with that perspective. And I think Bakula and Billingsley are gold here. Sure, weird tone shift between the comedy and the dying dog (!!?!) plotlines arguing with each other, but these two actors handle it well, imho.

Melakon wrote: View Post
Scott Bakula works his ass off in this episode. He has to go from a frantic pet owner into a lovesick teenager sometimes right in the middle of a scene. And he's in nearly every scene. He handles the dramatic and comedic highlights equally well in my opinion.
Agreed! I love you, Scott.

And touches like the funeral dream are just wonderful. Besides resulting in one of the best bts photos ever.

Amazing scene: During the bat hunt, around 23:25 begins an uninterrupted take lasting almost 90 seconds of Phlox and Archer talking, stalking and climbing around Sickbay with nets, handheld camera work, and a VFX bat, finally cutting away when Hoshi enters. I'll gladly give director Straiton credit for that, it was well done.
Yes! Whatever one might think of ENT, it had great production values, skillful directors, wonderful actors. Made up for the inconsistent writing a lot of the time.

Entertaining review, Melakon
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