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Re: Alexander Siddig Interview: He reveals anger over changes to Bashi

You know, I feel for Siddig a lot --- I don't know if this was covered in the interview, but Siddig was originally planned to play the part of Sisko. They didn't tell him they moved his part from Sisko to the Doctor (who as of that point was unnamed) until after he had already moved to America and until he showed up to shooting the day of.

Berman kind of screwed him, then screwed him then screwed him some more and I do really feel for the guy a lot. I mean how would ANYONE feel moving their entire life for a lead part only to get on set and find out not only aren't you the lead anymore, the writers have barely fleshed out your new character. It's only one step better then showing up to the set and finding out you no longer have a job.

The only redeeming fact about it is I had heard that because of his SGA contract, they didn't change his salaary at all; so they essentially paid Brooks and Siddig as the leads until at least season 3 when the contracts got renegotiated.

Regardless, no matter how you parse it, you *HAVE* to feel for the guy.
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