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Re: Marines and Combat Personel?

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When your superiors within an organization make a "request," it is in fact an order.
That's not even true in real-world militaries. What makes you think that would be true of Starfleet?

Picad equates engaging in a war game exercise with Starfleet being a military organization. But Starfleet Command ordered him to engage in the war game.
No they didn't. They REQUESTED he participate in the exercise, a request that Picard initially refused and only recently changed his mind. In fact, it's not even clear how long ago the request was made; Picard claims the only reason he agreed to it is because of the Borg threat, which suggests Starfleet made the request -- and Picard declined to participate -- several months ago, even before the events in Q-Who.

Captain Picard may not believe that Starfleet is a military organization, but apparently the people he works for do.
That raises an interesting point: they made it a REQUEST, not an order. Picard only accepted it because of the urgent nature of the Borg threat (the same reason the Defiant was originally built). If the Enterprise had never encountered the Borg, Picard never would have gone to Braslota in the first place.

That is, unless you would prefer to argue on the basis that Picard is a lying idealistic anti-military flower child.
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