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Re: The Library of Star Treks That Never Were - Book cover designs

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BTW, Graveyard of Dreams was a great story, and The Cosmic Computer was a great novel that was derived from it . Always happy to find a Piper fan .
Piper was awesome! I never did get through through the entire Terro-Human Future History. I may have actually stopped right around Cosmic Copmuter.....Sadly, due to real life stuff and a need to lighten my load, I've sold off pretty much my entire Piper collection. I still have two copies of the "Empire" of my favorite book covers.

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Hey, it wasn't unusual for names to be misspelled in the old pulps, even on covers. Not just pulps, either - Jethro Tull's first single was published as being from "Jethro Toe" .
True that, I'd forgotten. I think I'll just leave it that way because I really don't feel like going back to fix it.

In 1956, Pyramid Books released an expanded version of "The Way Of The Tyrant" titled "Tyrant 2022". This newer expanded edition chronicled both the rise and fall of Colonel Phillip Green and his hand in World War 3.

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