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Re: Vengeance Weapons (Spoilers, maybe)

There's a dizzying number of things in this post you are stating as fact that you cannot possibly know for sure and are basing purely on your interpretation of second-hand fan speculation:
Killerprise wrote: View Post
The broadside launchers were soley for the special torpedoes, Scotty bitched about the retrofits to the Enterprise. Retrofits = side launchers.
A strong possibility, but in Alan Dean Foster's novelization (which is based on the script) Scotty implies those were the modifications HE made in his own spare time (i.e. he is really angry with Kirk for forcing him to resign after all the work he's put into the Enterprise).

Killerprise wrote: View Post
This new Enterprise is not remotely as advanced as the original ship. This Enterprise has a lot of 20th century technology in it.
You mean it has things like removable data storage based on magnetic tape, CRT displays, Pushbutton interfaces, solid-state electronics, incandescent bulbs, Styrofoam cups?

You're right, we'd never see any of those things on the original Enterprise.

The warp drive system on this Enterprise thus far has not been explained in any way shape or form thus allowing the ship to jump to light speed without anyone wondering how it does that. Unlike the original which had technical schematics showing how the warp drive worked.
No it didn't. Hell, to this day we're not even sure where the original ship's engine room is.

Also the impulse engines and RCS thrusters are completely independent from the warp drive, they do not need the warp core to be online to function
Your totally baseless assertion seems to be incorrect, considering this is exactly what happened in STID.

The small torpedoes shown in the picture are small because the neck of the ship is loaded with escape pods. The Refit Enterprise had a torpedo magazine built into the neck.
And if this was the refit Enterprise -- and not a totally different vessel almost six times its volume -- that would be a good point.

Ironically, the image you linked to is NOT the refit Enterprise, but fanart interpretation of the aborted Phase-II Enterprise on which the TMP refit was (mostly) based. So you are not actually comparing the new ship to a totally different design it has nothing whatsoever in common with; you're comparing the new ship to a speculative interpretation of a ship that was never actually built.
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