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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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On another note, I don't get what Marvel is doing. Rebooting Spider-Man? Another Wolverine movie? Another X-Men movie in the works?

Really, slow down. Don't pump movies out just because you can, but make something that is really good. The bottom line won't suffer. On the contrary, less is more. It will pay off in the end.
Sony makes the Spider-Man movies; 20th-Century Fox makes the X-Men and Wolverine movies. They're making their own decisions to proceed with these projects independently of Marvel Studios; in fact, the reason they keep these franchises in production is specifically to keep the rights from reverting to Marvel through disuse. (Which is why Fox is also developing a new Fantastic Four movie.) But since we've got three studios separately making Marvel movies, it means that each individual studio isn't splitting its attention as much, so the quality doesn't necessarily suffer.

And while I have mixed feelings about what I'm hearing regarding Amazing Spider-Man 2 (I liked the first one's different tone and approach, but now it sounds like they're reverting to something more like the Raimi films), the previews and buzz about The Wolverine and Days of Future Past are very, very encouraging. Mainstream critics are less than thrilled by TW, but genre fans are saying it's potentially the best film in the franchise so far. And the news about DoFP keeps getting more and more interesting, although it's packed with so many characters and ideas that it might be tricky to make it all work.
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