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Re: Best guest cast............

TREK_GOD_1 wrote: View Post surprise.

Lockwood's evolution from a strong best friend type one coould easily imagine as a series rgular, to the cold, mocking "god" figure is one of the most effective, memorable performances in ST. Kellerman was strong out of the gates--stern, hardheaded and sympathetic all in one package.

Both played a major role in the success of the second pilot.
Despite the fact it is clearly not in the set mold of later regular season 1 episodes in hardly any respect---I will never tire of seeing this episode--it is a classic bit of sci-fi and lays the groundwork for a Kirk we can like and respect and a Spock who although different is easy to respect.

Like Spock i feel for Mitchell and Dehner every time I watch this episode. How they followed such a classic effort as The Cage with yet another truly classic bit of television is almost a miracle.

I watch the episodes in order and when I am just about at the end of the rope with all the horrible season 3 episodes--I always know I have the Cage and WNMHGB right around the corner to revive my faith in the show.

5 stars always was-- always will be.

And yeah about Kellerman ---- too damn bad we didn't get more strong forceful women in the regular series...

Once again Susan Oliver as Vina and Sally Kellerman as Dehner in the two pilots---outstanding casting
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