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Re: So did Worf's Change of Heart cost him command of the Enterprise?

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There probably wasn't enough time to transfer the families onto a space station or a planet.
An option prior to Wolf359 would have been to load the families and other non-combatants (like bartenders and barbers) into a number of the ship's lifeboats and launch them into interstellar space, well short of the anticipated battle zone. Contacting Starfleet concerning the lifeboats location.

Sran wrote: View Post
Well, technically both Decker and Spock got the Enterprise as their first commands.
It's impossible to say if the Enterprise was Decker's first command. It might make more sense if he had first command a smaller vessel somewhere in his past.

It's a common supposition that Kirk commanded a destroyer type vessel before the Enterprise.

Spock's "first command" was that shuttlecraft that had nearly half is crew killed.

Dougherty's attempts to force-relocate the Ba'ku at the behest of the Son'a
Dougherty's orders came from the Federation Council, not the Sona.

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