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What do we know about life inside The Dominion (for it's citizens)?

Recently there have been some good threads on the Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire, correctly, for example, pointing out that Romulus appears to be an 'imperial democracy', and thus bears similarities to Ancient Athens, Ancient Rome, and perhaps some modern democracies. Thus we can infer some very interesting things about life for a Romulan citizen; such as the idea that wars may be justified as a matter of self-defence, and not explicitly aggressive in the eyes of it's people. I also believe there is some evidence that the Klingon Empire operated something like the British Empire, and then underwent a fascist-style reformation sometime prior to TOS.

Likewise, what can we infer about the nature of like within the Dominion? Does it resemble any known political entity in Earth's history? How do it's citizen's live? How are new species inducted? What is the political relationship between Vorta, Jem'Hadar, Karemma, etc?

The Dominion is multi-ethnic, containing several species such as the Vorta, Karemma, Dosi, Yaderans, and Jem'Hadar. These races are not equal in status. The Jem'Hadar constitute a military force, somewhat similar to the Cloned Grand Army of the Republic in Star Wars, or Peacekeepers in Farscape. The Vorta served as administrators. The Karemma as traders or businessmen. Other species may have been simple members.

We know that their political system was a dictatorship of some sort, but must have been more complex than simple despotism, as it survived for between 2000 and 8000 years. What institutions and balances kept it functional for so long?
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