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Re: Worst example of Voyager ruining an opportunity to return home

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This is what happens when you have a show that suffers from Gilligan's Syndrome. All those attempts HAD to fail, otherwise the show would be over. Problem was, they kept doing stories where failure was the only option instead of developing any secondary plots that they could accomplish within the show without ending the series.
I never understood why a portion of the series couldn't have been used to deal with Voyager's return and the subsequent fallout. Why not show the characters trying to adjust to life back in the Alpha Quadrant? So much potential wasted because the return was delayed until the end of the series.

Because then the show would be over, and they didn't know what to do once they were home.

If they'd bothered giving them a secondary plot that eventually became more important than getting home, then they could do a "They're home" plot because they'd still have something else to drive the series after that.

Really, Voyager should at least have been outlined from season to season in advance, like Babylon-5 was (until they were canceled and uncanceled around the 4th season) and Earth: Final Conflict and Andromeda were *originally*, before the power-that-be decided to say "frak the plan" and threw the plans out...resulting in a directionless mess for both shows. (Heroes and nuBSG both could have benefited from a little pre-planning least a rough draft of an arc, and an *idea* of where/how it was all going to end.)
Voyager's "Lost Ship" premise was never that sustainable in the first place, and it really shows how the the program was rushed into development and airing. Berman always thought they should've waited until DS9 was finished to do VOY, and I agree with him. Those years would've given them time to hire new writers and iron out the conceptual problems the show had.

They even came up with a good idea for the show on the fly: The 8472 aliens. The show's plot should've eventually been about them forming a Delta Federation to stop them (with the Borg being slaughtered over years, giving them time to build up their alliances and develop better weapons to get rid of both the Borg and 8472 aliens for good).
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